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Enter & View Reports

Healthwatch Cheshire East has powers to enable us to scrutinise adult health and social care services. We scrutinise the quality of services provided seeking the views of people who use those services and make suggestions for improvement.

Healthwatch Cheshire East may consider scrutiny of a particular area of service necessary for a number of reasons. These include:

  • Concerns expressed by patients/service users or their carers and/or relatives.
  • Requests by other partners or professionals to collect views of local people on specific issues
  • A local or national concern about a particular issue and agreement to check the views of people in local services.
  • Being part of the planned activity of Healthwatch Cheshire East and is included in the Work Plan

We carry out 'enter and view' visits to support our scrutiny function. An enter and view involves our authorised representatives (volunteers) visiting adult NHS or Local Authority funded services.  They speak to patients and service users, families and carers about their experiences of services and any improvements that they would like to see as well as observing the nature and quality of the environment.

The following is a list of those individuals currently authorised for this activity:

Christine Banfi, Joanna Brookes, Andrew Firman, Pamela Fox, Patricia Lott, Sue Masterman, Margaret McDermott, Alan Murphy, Rhiannon Wilson, Denise Pritchard, Jenny Young, Lynda Kenny, Elizabeth Bott, Deanna Mithen, Keith Millar, Geraldine Waite, Paul Checkley, Janet Lomas, Pamela Hunter, Chloe Randel, Georgina Hulme, Hilary Tidey, Susan Moore, Carok Kerr, Helen McGarvey, Jenny Morrell, Eileen Talbot, Barbera Kneebone, David Crosthwaite, Jackie Lewis, Jem Davies, Ros Haynes, Rachel Cornes, George Gibson, Georgina Wray, Joy Williams, Jackie Oliver, Pat Clare, Andrew Pleass, Liz Lawson, Ifeanya Nawagiochi, Jane Hines, Daniel Nate, Jane Dickinson, Helen Gould, Christine Nixon, Emese Javor, Jackie Griffiths,Mark Groves, Katie Tierney,Graeme Coyne.

Click on the links below to find out more about the different services our authorised representatives have scrutinsed and see copies of our reports. 

Healthwatch Cheshire East Enter & View